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Why bother?


Chances are, you've seen in your own life how stories -- our own, real, authentic stories -- help us heal, transform and empower ourselves. That's how our stories help us bridge the gap in culture, ethnicity, sexual preference, skin color, religion -- because our stories show us up as simply human. And that's how our stories help us lead better, sell more, coach and train more effectively, understand ourselves better and influence others... maybe even nudge a little change in the world.

If this stirs something in you, then you're in the right place.

Why join?

If you believe in the power of authentic storytelling -- whether you are in front of a live audience, behind a computer screen, or around the dinner table -- then we invite you to be part of a unique community of people who want to learn more and get better at the art and science of authentic storytelling.

You'll find resources, training, and conversation to help you become a better storyteller and speaker... so that you can lead better, sell more, engage listeners more deeply, entertain people, learn about yourself, coach and train more effectively, inspire people, and create social change...

But perhaps most of all, you'll connect with other people who share your passion for storytelling. And we can get better faster and have more fun, when we do it together.

It doesn't have to feel like a twelve-step program. Nobody has to cry. It doesn't have to take thousands of dollars and several weekends. No gurus have to be flown in from far-away places.

It can be light-hearted and fun. We can laugh. We can shake hands, rub shoulders, hug, or send a big smile through this community platform.

And I promise you it's already better because you're here...

Why thank you!

Thank you to people all over the world who choose to show up and be real. Together, we lead better, sell more, coach and train more effectively, understand ourselves better and influence others... and yes, change the world

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